Super busy but having a ton of fun

I can't tell you everything that's been happening in my life because really you all don't want to read a book do you? LOL.  But I will tell you that I've been dealing with sick kids, going to concerts, hubby's birthday, Stamp classes, clubs, girl scout field trip, laundry, cooking, taking care of pets, planting mums. You get the idea.

Well tonight I realized that I need a bigger house. I had 12 ladies here for dinner and stamping and I had no where to put everyone. So Vanessa and I stood up to eat and then I think my poor husband took pity on us and got some camping chairs out of the attic. He's a God send. He cooked the hamburgers for us and everyone else brought yummy side dishes. I won't need to shop for food for a week!

Here's the card we made tonight:

We did the cracked glass technique. Everyone had fun and for the most part it was a simple card. It was just the waiting around for stamps or ink that took some time.

I'll post more about my girl scout trip to the Water Treatment Plant. That was very interesting. LOL. 

Good night. 


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