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My team!

This is the best group of ladies! I love my team members and they are amazing women. Each of them did something to make the event go smoothly and I could not have done it without them.

From left to right:

Elizabeth Jennings, Jackie Barfield (me), Jeannette Abee, Brooke Ingram, Francesca Mata, Laura Minton and Barbara. Wait! Barbara is technically not a turtle. Yet. LOL. But she did help tremendously and I would love for her to join my team officially.

Here's a group shot of all the croppers, vendors and helpers.

Have a blessed day and make sure to check on my blog often for more inspiration and ideas.

Pictures from the Crop for the Cure

I want to start this post by saying how much I appreciate my team. They really came together and helped me out so much. In fact at a team meeting when we were going over some details and finalizing some to do items I said, "My event." One of my turtles corrected me and said, "Our event." Totally agree. I was able to spend time with those who needed me and focus on the time line of the event.

Before the big day I had several ladies come over an help me with the Goodie bags. Here they are on my kitchen counter.

Laura had helped me stamp the tags. So did Elizabeth and Francesca.

I was so pleased with the turnout for the crop. Here's a view of the room.

I hope that everyone that attended the event enjoyed it and got a lot of scrapbooking done. My friend Carla got a lot of her Disney album done. Here she is scrapbooking away in her own little scrapping spot.

I was also amazed by the vendors at the event. A new scrapbooking store in Gulf Shores came to it and had a…

Crop for the Cure! Tomorrow!

It's almost here! I should be sleeping but who can sleep when they are this excited! I'm really amazed by everything happening here. God is working a miracle and He's touching our lives. So many things to tell you but I think I will just wait until tomorrow to give you details because then I'll have pictures too.

Hope, Strength, Faith

We can beat this. Everyone working together. Saving lives.

God bless.

P.S. My little girl lost another tooth today. It's her 6th one. She asked me if I put something under her pillow. I said no. The tooth fairy does. She had more questions that I answered truthfully. Needless to say I'll be curious what the toothfairy leaves for her.

Convention was great!

Hi everyone,

I got back from Convention on Monday, did a downline meeting that night, prepped for my Mystery Hostess class for Tuesday, did some planning on my Crop for the Cure Fundraiser on Saturday, cuddled with kids, dog and husband and I'm still ready to do more.

Can you tell I had some sugar? LOL. 

I want to share a blog that has all the pictures of the display boards from Convention. She did an awesome job and had a way better camera then I did. Check it out here: ustamp4fun

If you didn't get to follow along with me on facebook I'll give a quick recap.

I got to Salt Lake City a day early. So while I kept annoying Dina saying, What's going on today? and her saying, "Nothing." we toured the Temple, ate delicious food, drank some beer and enjoyed getting to know each other better. Part of Convention is connecting with fellow demonstrators in person. I love getting together with my upline and friends from all over the world. Especially Canada.

On Wednesda…

Holiday mini!!!

Let me just say the new mini is full of must have items. Want to see it? I'll let all hostesses this month take one home with them. Don't forget mystery hostess night. The hostess gets one too.

Since I'm typing on an iPad I think I'll go. But check back soon.

Here's my swap

Just thought I would show you some of the stuff I'm swapping.

I hope everyone likes them. I'm also swaping other cards that my downline and friends made for me to take. Can't wait to see all the creative ideas at Conveniton. Woo hoo!

Here's a picture of my girls. I'm totally missing them.

I hope they are being good for daddy. Hugs!!!

See you all when I get back.


Christmas Card

Here's what we did last month. Nothing fancy really but fun to color with the pastels.

Next class is on July 31st. It's going to be awesome because you actually get some ribbon to put on it. LOL. Can't wait to show you what it is.

Have a blessed day and keep checking back for more cards to post.


I wish I had some samples to show you

Unfortunately I've been working too hard on Girl Scouts, Crop for the Cure, Workshops, and more. I could show you the make n take we did at the workshop last week. Really cute idea that's a matchbook scrapbook. I would love to do it at your workshop so contact me today and we'll pick a date.

I've been placing orders and doing a lot of interacting with people.

Don't forget that my crop for the cure is July 23rd. I've been getting emails, phone calls and bumping into people around town who are asking if there's still spots available. There are but act quick! I need to have goodie bags and more ready for the event and a final head count by the 18th would be nice. :)

I'm leaving for Convention on the 11th. I'll be gone a week but would love to hear from you. Friend me on Facebook and you can see what I'm seeing.

I also wanted to let you all know that I'm having a class on July 19th. It's Mystery Hostess Night and I can't wait to show …

Join for only $99!

I woke up this morning and logged onto Stampin' Up! like I always do and this is what I see:

Wow!!!! Only $99 gets you started in this wonderful world of crafting and meeting new friends. Yeah!

Contact me today or come to my Open House tomorrow, Saturday, 10am-2pm.  I'll give you all the details when we talk.

Have a blessed day!