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Scrapbook weekend and marker club cards

Hi everyone. I'm so excited to announce that I had two ladies join Stampin' Up! They are both so wonderful and I know that whatever they decide to do with their Stampin' Up! business they'll be successful at.
In fact I know that Christy will do well because she is so creative! Look at these cute cards that she helped design for the marker club. I love the alligator card. Very unique and original.

I really like this flower card too and how she slanted the image at an angle.

I still need to reschedule the marker club for the two ladies that couldn't make it on Thursday. I was thinking a day class would be good.
Here's what I did all weekend. I scrapbooked with Carla at Camp Baldwin. I only made 5 pages but I did win the layout contest. Here's two of the pages. I hope you like them. I'm using the designer series paper called Rockabilly Specialty. The pages have some shiny parts to them. I love it! I think I'll have to order more than two packs to fini…

Home Decor w/ Stampin' Up!

Here's a few pictures of things around my house that I've made using Stampin' Up! products. I love how I can use the double sided paper that you get to decorate letters, frames, candles and more.
I also got my new stamp set from the mini catalog. It's a great set to have for scrapbooking summer pictures or making invitations for parties. I love this card because it's so simple and doesn't use a lot of colors. What do you think?
I think I want to go to the beach now. LOL. I am having my marker club meeting tonight. I have some great cards for everyone to make. I'll post pictures of them tomorrow. Happy Stampin'!

Turkey hunting anyone?

Just for my dear husband I've repainted his turkey decoys. They were pretty bad with the paint chipping off and I'm sure those smart birds would have been able to tell that these were fakes. But with my new paint job I'm sure the turkeys will be outwitted, outsmarted, outlasted. LOL.

Here's a pic of one of them.
I also got some painting done in the last week for a store that sells my art. They want what sells and crabs will sell. So here's a picture of a blue crab. A very tasty treat here in the South. My husband will go out and put some traps in the area and we'll have a crab boil. Here's a pic of an invite I made last year for one of our crab boils.

Here's the painting I did. What do you think?

Amanda gave me this dinosaur she made in art class today. I love it! I told her I would put it on my blog.

I took Jessica to Amanda's school today so she could take a tour of the school and see where she would be going next year. Her friend Lainey was there t…

My anniversary was great!

No one sent me a card for my anniversary. But my hubby did buy me one and he wrote a poem inside it for me. I love it an was really touched by his thoughtfulness. I really do have a wonderful husband no matter what I say about him. LOL.

I have to tell you the funny thing that I bought him for our anniversary. I bought him two books at an antique store. He loves hunting and fishing so I was going for that theme. Plus he likes old books. So one of the books was written by Earnest Hemmingways' daughter about hunting with her dad. I thought that would be a good one. The other one was called The Big Fisherman. I don't know what made me think it was about fishing but it turns out that the book is about Jesus and his disciples. LOL. We both got a kick out of that. But when he started to read it he said it was well written and sounded good. So we'll both read it and see what we learn.

I have to say that I love the necklace that Steve got me. I did kinda pick it out. It's white g…

A scary day

Everything is fine now but I was a little scared today for my child's safety.

I was on my way to a Creative Memories party when I noticed the Middle school was blocked off by police cars. My daughters elementary school is right next door to the middle school so I was a little worried but not scared. I found out later that the middle school was in lock down because they were looking for a gun.

I also found out that the elementary school was in a type of lock down too. (When Amanda got home from school she told me it was a "melt down". LOL. I had to laugh because she was home at this point and I had nothing to worry about.) When I asked her if she knew what happened at school today she told me they had a drill to hide from bad guys. My child had a drill to hide from bad guys today. And it wasn't a drill. It was real. They had to line up against the cubbies. Some kids got inside their cubbies. They told the kids it was a drill. Amanda doesn't seem scared at all by the…

More Birthdays and St. Patty's Day

Today we had a nice little down pour of rain exactly two minutes after Steve mowed the lawn. Perfect timing if you ask me. I've been working on two cards for the birthday parties my kids are going to this weekend. One party is in New Orleans (their cousin) so I'm having them pack. I think the suitcase is full of toys instead of clothes but that's okay. I'll check it before we leave.

I got inspired to make these cards because the invitation had a bunch of wild animals on it. Giraffes, lions, alligators, etc. So I used the Wild About You stamp set and I used the palm trees from the Prehistoric Friends set. I think they came out cute.

The girls cousin always has a petting zoo at her party and usually a baby alligator so the theme of the card is perfect for her too.
The grass was made using the scallop edge punch. That's the best punch ever! It's so easy to use and makes projects pop.
Here's a pic of the St. Patty's Card I made. I used the Cheers To You sta…

Kids Birthday Cards

I had to make a few birthday cards last weekend. Here's what I came up with for a boy.

Isn't it great? I love the bright colors and solid images. I used Pacific Point paper for the bright blue so I stamped in that as well. (Gotta match). and I thought it needed something in the corner so I punched out a sun with the 1/8" circle punch in Summer Sun.

This is the card I made for a sweet little girl who reminds me of an angel. I hope she liked all the glitter. :)

After making a bunch of cards I wanted to work on a scrapbook page for a workshop I'm doing this week. Here's what I came up with.

Isn't it so beachy? I love it. And really it was so simple with the Simply Scrappin' Kit. I used a few sheets and some stickers that come in it with some Close to Cocoa paper I have. I wanted to use a wedding photo for this since it is the Love Stories kit. But I think it shows how this kit can be used for more than just weddings.

I have a few St. Patricks Day cards to down…

Happy Anniversary

So this is the big 10 for my hubby and I. Ten years is a long time and I know that sometimes it feels more like 50. But that's just because I feel like I've known Steve all my life. He does so much to help me out around the house and I know I don't give him as much credit as I should.

This year I wanted to go to Hawaii for our anniversary but the way things are going with the economy it's looking like we will be lucky to go out to dinner. So I was trying to come up with something fun to do. If you have any ideas let me know. But I was thinking of going camping over night in Gulf Shores. I think it's like $25 to pitch a tent. I don't mind roughing it and we could take our boat and go fishing the next morning. I think he would like that and we'd have some alone time. I just need to check with our babysitter. LOL.

Here's the card I'm making for him. Also I'm running a contest this month for all my customers and friends to join in. Send me an Anniver…