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Christmas Cards!

I have to say a BIG thank you to Michelle and Carla! Without you ladies I wouldn't have even started my Christmas cards much less have them almost done. :)

I can't reveal what the cards look like until I mail them. LOL. So I'm sorry to keep you hanging. But let me tell you that my two girls absolutely HATE them. LOL. Do I have you interested in seeing them yet??? Hopefully you aren't on my naughtly list and will receive a card in the mail. LOL.

This month is busy, busy, busy. Decorating the house, going to parades, leading little girls in girl scout stuff. It's been fun and hectic at the same time. My girls love this time of year just like me. We've been baking cookies too. But I have to remind myself not to bake when it's raining. Just too much moisture in the dough. they didn't hold their shape at all and it was almost a total waste except we could eat more cookie dough. Yum!

I hope my post is making sense and not sounding like I'm rambling. I…