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I've been busy!!!

Okay I admit that I've been neglecting you. My husband says the same thing. He wishes I would finish doing laundry and put away all my Stampin' Up! stuff that's been sitting on the kitchen counter for a week. I wish I was better at putting things away and also doing the laundry.

I have tried to pick up my office. LOL. Those of you who know me know that my office is a wreck. I want to be organized. Really. But it's not really my personality to be organized. I'm more about being moved to make a card or paint a beautiful abstract. It's easy for me to justify my disorganized self. So in the interest of saving my marriage I will try harder to keep my office neater so that my Stampin' Up! stuff doesn't spread all over the house, me frantically searching for a cleared surface to stamp on. Soon I'd be using the bathroom counter. But I'm done with my Christmas cards. There are a few that didn't get one. But I can't make any more. Really. I made ov…

Only a few weeks left until Christmas

I know. It's still early. But nearly everyone has their lights up and some have trees strapped to the top of their cars. I've bought a few Christmas presents already and I've even started to work on my Christmas cards. I've got about 40 done. Plus I'm using the Handmade Holidays Card Elements kit to make some too. The kit makes 18 cards. Here's a picture of the trio I made using it. I'm going to try making some different ones too. But the instructions included in the kit show you how to make these. Kit is $17.95.

I'd love to show you the cards I'm doing for the majority of friends and family but that's something you'll have to wait to see. I've been busy with cleaning up my office. I let it get out of hand and I've even lost my Versamark Pad. Gasp! At least before it was a controlled chaos. I could still find things. But now I'm losing stuff so I need to organize better. I have way too many boxes in my office that I can't see …

Happy Thanksgiving Sale!!!

Well Black Friday is starting early. Stampin' Up! has a great selection of bundles on sale from 20% - 50% off. Hot selling bundle so far is the All in the Family bundle. If you have been wanting this set you can get it plus accessories and the wheel all for $31.70. Here's a link to my website: then click on the Shop Now button.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Here's some great Christmas Cards

This is me! Stamp class at my house is so much fun. I love it when it's covered in glitter. :) Takes weeks to get it all up but then I know it's time for another glitter class.

I thought I'd post the cards we made a couple months ago on this blog because it's much easier to download to this website then my Stampin' Up! website. So here's some great pictures of the cards everyone made.

Brynn used the All Lined Up stamp set. It's really cute and she does a lovely job with her cards.

Carla used the Crab and Company set. It's so perfect for us here on the Gulf Coast. I used this set last year to make my Christmas cards.

Cecilia made these beautiful cards using the Wonderous Gift stamp set. (And borrowing So Swirled from Vanessa for one card).

Kella got retro on me and brought a stamp set from years ago. But I was able to look it up in an old catalog and design some great cards for her to make.

Sharon made these cards look like works of art. She is an artist and …

When will everyone be well again???

Well my poor baby ended up in the hospital because she was so dehydrated. I was in tears but it really was for the best. After they gave her the IV she perked right up and started talking a mile a minute. I knew she was feeling better because she was asking the nurses questions and telling them how to spell her name, her sister's name and other words as well. It was a great relief to me.

I finished some scrapbooks this weekend at my friend's crop. I'm working on two scrapbooks for my girls. They'll have the same book except that I'll journal a separate letter to each girl and then I'll make some pictures a little different sizes for whoever's book it is.

I also started on a travel scrapbook kit that Creative Memories sells. It's so easy to do a scrapbook. Very similar to the Stampin' Up! Simply Scrappin. So when I get some pictures of it downloaded I'll post them here.

I'm feeling really sick but hopefully I can still do my Christmas Bazaar tom…

Finally made thank you notes

My husband will now be able to send thank you notes to his friends that gave him gifts for his birthday. These were super easy to make using the Cute and Curly bundle stamp set and punch. I think they are very Cute and Curly. LOL. Well today I'm home with my two kids. There was school today but Amanda got sick last night so I kept her home. She's sitting on the sick couch and watching Go Diego Save the dinosaurs. Once in a while she cries and says she doesn't feel better. I called the doc to ask if it's related to the flu mist she got last Monday. We'll wait to see what she says. I'm also preparing for the Martini Class I'm doing tonight. I would cancel except that I have a lot of ladies coming. My husband will be able to take care of Amanda if he needs to. Oh I'm also making some more cards with the top note. I love this die! I can cut 4 of them at the same time and it saves time with designing the card. Just slap the top note on some cardstock and add …

Thoroughly Thankful

I'm so excited about these Thanksgiving Cards. I had my class with Carla using this set and since it was still out I thought I would play around with it. What do you think? I love all the fall colors in it. Mellow Moss, Really Rust, More Mustard and Chocolate Chip. If you are interested in making these cards let me know. I can host a class during the day too.

Spending time designing today

I had so much fun at the Half Day Regional in Jackson, MS. My friends Michelle and Linda came too. We made two great make n takes and learned lots of great tips for using Crystal Effects. Plus we got more swaps! I'll post some when I get a chance.

My kids stayed home today from school and I got to do some designing. Here's the card for our Martini Monday class.
Isn't it just great??? I also made two others to show off what the stamp set can do. I love it and I'm so glad I got it. Now I need to work on my Thanksgiving class and making gifts to sell at my church bazaar. Here's the make n take we did at Regionals. I'm thinking of making these for the bazaar to sell.

I re designed it using the big shot to make the cute little bird. Here's a pic of it. I hope you enjoy seeing my new creations.

Happy Stampin'!

Everyone is sick

Well Amanda was the first one to be sick with a fever. But it didn't last long and she was back at school the next day. But now Jessica is sick with a much higher fever. I'm going to take her to the doc and see what's going on. I hope it's not strep. My throat hurts too and I really don't want to get sick. I need to be well to do my stamping and create cute masks for the Ice Cream event at the mall this weekend. If I get any done I'll post a picture.

I didn't have any takers for my Simply Sent Class. I was sure people would love to do it. So simple and easy to put together. Maybe the next one will be a good turn out. It's my Martini Monday class. We'll drink and stamp. Should be fun. :)

I'll keep you posted on Jessica's condition.

Welcome to my Blog

Just in case you wanted to know more about me and my life I thought I would start a blog. So my idea is to post on here daily and upload pictures of my cards and scrapbooks. Here is a card I did after casing it from Splitcoaststampers. I love it! It's very fun and not scary at all for the little ones. I hope that you all enjoy reading my posts. Feel free to add comments.

Steve's Birthday Party

Friday night was the party I planned for my husband. I have to say that it was super fun! The rain put a damper on some of my fun ideas for games but it ended up stopping long enough for the kids to go outside with their glow sticks. The theme of the party was pirates and treasure. My hubby, Steve, turned 40 on the 15th and I wanted to use my treasure map stamp wheel to make invitations. Plus I came up with a creative way to use the top note Bigz Die for the Big Shot machine. Go to and look up top note in the search. Mine is a treasure chest with the map behind it. I also used the Ahoy Matey to make treasure maps for the kids to find treasure. (Glow sticks, gold rocks and skull rings and tattoos). But it turns out that kids don't need a map to find treasure. The locations were investigated before the maps were handed out. We had a DJ and Karaoke. I love to sing and dance so this was great! But much harder to do if you've never sang the song w…