When will everyone be well again???

Well my poor baby ended up in the hospital because she was so dehydrated. I was in tears but it really was for the best. After they gave her the IV she perked right up and started talking a mile a minute. I knew she was feeling better because she was asking the nurses questions and telling them how to spell her name, her sister's name and other words as well. It was a great relief to me.

I finished some scrapbooks this weekend at my friend's crop. I'm working on two scrapbooks for my girls. They'll have the same book except that I'll journal a separate letter to each girl and then I'll make some pictures a little different sizes for whoever's book it is.

I also started on a travel scrapbook kit that Creative Memories sells. It's so easy to do a scrapbook. Very similar to the Stampin' Up! Simply Scrappin. So when I get some pictures of it downloaded I'll post them here.

I'm feeling really sick but hopefully I can still do my Christmas Bazaar tomorrow. My husband wants to go hunting tonight but he's going to wait until tomorrow to see how I'm doing. God love him he's really stepped up and helped me out. I would not have been able to get the kids ready this morning at all. He made sandwiches and dressed the girls. I did get up briefly to put pigtails in the girls hair.

Well I think I will go back to bed. Nothing else too urgent right now.

Wish me luck tomorrow.


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