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I've been busy!!!

Okay I admit that I've been neglecting you. My husband says the same thing. He wishes I would finish doing laundry and put away all my Stampin' Up! stuff that's been sitting on the kitchen counter for a week. I wish I was better at putting things away and also doing the laundry.

I have tried to pick up my office. LOL. Those of you who know me know that my office is a wreck. I want to be organized. Really. But it's not really my personality to be organized. I'm more about being moved to make a card or paint a beautiful abstract. It's easy for me to justify my disorganized self. So in the interest of saving my marriage I will try harder to keep my office neater so that my Stampin' Up! stuff doesn't spread all over the house, me frantically searching for a cleared surface to stamp on. Soon I'd be using the bathroom counter. But I'm done with my Christmas cards. There are a few that didn't get one. But I can't make any more. Really. I made ov…

Only a few weeks left until Christmas

I know. It's still early. But nearly everyone has their lights up and some have trees strapped to the top of their cars. I've bought a few Christmas presents already and I've even started to work on my Christmas cards. I've got about 40 done. Plus I'm using the Handmade Holidays Card Elements kit to make some too. The kit makes 18 cards. Here's a picture of the trio I made using it. I'm going to try making some different ones too. But the instructions included in the kit show you how to make these. Kit is $17.95.

I'd love to show you the cards I'm doing for the majority of friends and family but that's something you'll have to wait to see. I've been busy with cleaning up my office. I let it get out of hand and I've even lost my Versamark Pad. Gasp! At least before it was a controlled chaos. I could still find things. But now I'm losing stuff so I need to organize better. I have way too many boxes in my office that I can't see …