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Everyone is sick

Well Amanda was the first one to be sick with a fever. But it didn't last long and she was back at school the next day. But now Jessica is sick with a much higher fever. I'm going to take her to the doc and see what's going on. I hope it's not strep. My throat hurts too and I really don't want to get sick. I need to be well to do my stamping and create cute masks for the Ice Cream event at the mall this weekend. If I get any done I'll post a picture.

I didn't have any takers for my Simply Sent Class. I was sure people would love to do it. So simple and easy to put together. Maybe the next one will be a good turn out. It's my Martini Monday class. We'll drink and stamp. Should be fun. :)

I'll keep you posted on Jessica's condition.

Welcome to my Blog

Just in case you wanted to know more about me and my life I thought I would start a blog. So my idea is to post on here daily and upload pictures of my cards and scrapbooks. Here is a card I did after casing it from Splitcoaststampers. I love it! It's very fun and not scary at all for the little ones. I hope that you all enjoy reading my posts. Feel free to add comments.

Steve's Birthday Party

Friday night was the party I planned for my husband. I have to say that it was super fun! The rain put a damper on some of my fun ideas for games but it ended up stopping long enough for the kids to go outside with their glow sticks. The theme of the party was pirates and treasure. My hubby, Steve, turned 40 on the 15th and I wanted to use my treasure map stamp wheel to make invitations. Plus I came up with a creative way to use the top note Bigz Die for the Big Shot machine. Go to and look up top note in the search. Mine is a treasure chest with the map behind it. I also used the Ahoy Matey to make treasure maps for the kids to find treasure. (Glow sticks, gold rocks and skull rings and tattoos). But it turns out that kids don't need a map to find treasure. The locations were investigated before the maps were handed out. We had a DJ and Karaoke. I love to sing and dance so this was great! But much harder to do if you've never sang the song w…