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The miracle of Stampin'!

Okay this is a little inside joke with Carla and Michelle but truly there is a lesson for us all here.

While working on Valentine's Day cards the other night we realized that a certain stamp was just too big to fit into the space that we had created on the card. So I, having had too many Frescas, decided that with the miracle of stamping you can do anything. It was a saying stamp so I stamped it on scrap paper and then cut out each word so that it could be placed anywhere on the card. The miracle of stamping.

Another miracle is that there's no such thing as a mistake. If we smear or stamp crooked then all that is needed is some scrap paper and restamp on that, cut it out and reattach to card. The miracle of stamping.

I'm sure you get the idea now go make your own miracle of stamping card. LOL.

I've been busy today!

Here's another card that I came up with for my husband to use as Thank You notes in his business. He's a real estate Agent and when he gets a new listing it would be nice to send a note of thanks for picking him. I asked him the colors of the resent house he listed so I could personalize it. I made the house stand out with dimensionals. What do you think?
Steve liked it and now I'll have to make more of them for him to use. The best part I think is that I used yellow and black for his company colors. Happy Stampin'!

Love is in the air!

I'm getting ready for my class on January 22. It's a Valentine's Class so here's a cute card that's very simple to make using the new heart punch and coordinating stamp set. I used crystal effects on the flower petals and then punched a heart for the center of the O. A touch of the new designer paper on the inside of the card makes the scallop border stand out.

Today my girl looked so sweet going off to school for Fairytale day that I had to take a picture. Don't you think she's cute???

Well I'm off to stamp some more or do my dance revolution game.

Thank you cards for Amanda's Birthday Party

Here's some great cards to make using the level 3 stamp set from the Fall/Winter 08 catalog. I love the colors and how the girl pops from the card. Now I just need to write inside and send them on their way.
The inside has the cupcake stamp that says "Dear______________"etc.Amanda just filled them out. I helped her spell the words but she did all the letters herself. She did a good job. It's actually good practice for writing.Today I baked some cookies for Jessica's school. It's fairytale day tomorrow so she has to dress up like a princess.I'm off to make some cards for the Valentine's Class. Happy Stampin'!

I'm Back!

I've had a busy Christmas break visiting my family in CA and then my husband's family in New Orleans. It was fun but I'm glad to be home. The funny thing was that today'shoroscope said, "happy at home". That's me.

I put the Christmas Decorations away today. It's sort of sad to pack it all up. But that's what's so fun about pulling it all out next year. The memories that all our ornaments bring back and the wonderful feelings that seeing the house decorated makes me feel. I love Christmas but it's good to have it for only a short time.

If you have been looking at my Schedule you'll see that there's only three classes this month. Please let me know which class you'll be coming to. I would love to see more of you this year.

I hope you all had a safe New Year's. Here's to 2009 being the best year yet!