The miracle of Stampin'!

Okay this is a little inside joke with Carla and Michelle but truly there is a lesson for us all here.

While working on Valentine's Day cards the other night we realized that a certain stamp was just too big to fit into the space that we had created on the card. So I, having had too many Frescas, decided that with the miracle of stamping you can do anything. It was a saying stamp so I stamped it on scrap paper and then cut out each word so that it could be placed anywhere on the card. The miracle of stamping.

Another miracle is that there's no such thing as a mistake. If we smear or stamp crooked then all that is needed is some scrap paper and restamp on that, cut it out and reattach to card. The miracle of stamping.

I'm sure you get the idea now go make your own miracle of stamping card. LOL.


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