A scary day

Everything is fine now but I was a little scared today for my child's safety.

I was on my way to a Creative Memories party when I noticed the Middle school was blocked off by police cars. My daughters elementary school is right next door to the middle school so I was a little worried but not scared. I found out later that the middle school was in lock down because they were looking for a gun.

I also found out that the elementary school was in a type of lock down too. (When Amanda got home from school she told me it was a "melt down". LOL. I had to laugh because she was home at this point and I had nothing to worry about.) When I asked her if she knew what happened at school today she told me they had a drill to hide from bad guys. My child had a drill to hide from bad guys today. And it wasn't a drill. It was real. They had to line up against the cubbies. Some kids got inside their cubbies. They told the kids it was a drill. Amanda doesn't seem scared at all by the experience but I have to say that I'm a little shaken up. I had tears in my eyes because of the possibility that something like this could happen. In this day and age my child has to worry about a gunman coming into her school and shooting kids. When I was a kid I had earthquake drills and fire drills.

I'm okay now and my child doesn't seemed scarred or worried. She's been fine and running around playing with her sister. But this kind of thing might be a more regular occurance as she grows up.

Home schooling anyone??


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