Home Decor w/ Stampin' Up!

Here's a few pictures of things around my house that I've made using Stampin' Up! products. I love how I can use the double sided paper that you get to decorate letters, frames, candles and more.

I also got my new stamp set from the mini catalog. It's a great set to have for scrapbooking summer pictures or making invitations for parties. I love this card because it's so simple and doesn't use a lot of colors. What do you think?

I think I want to go to the beach now. LOL.
I am having my marker club meeting tonight. I have some great cards for everyone to make. I'll post pictures of them tomorrow.
Happy Stampin'!


Mandy Grant said…
Beautiful stuff!!! I am thrilled you have a blog. It helps me feel like your not so far away. LOL
Jackie Barfield said…
I'm glad that I saw your blog because that's what made me create this one. LOL. You really inspire me a lot. I check your blog daily for new ideas. :)

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