Turkey hunting anyone?

Just for my dear husband I've repainted his turkey decoys. They were pretty bad with the paint chipping off and I'm sure those smart birds would have been able to tell that these were fakes. But with my new paint job I'm sure the turkeys will be outwitted, outsmarted, outlasted. LOL.

Here's a pic of one of them.

I also got some painting done in the last week for a store that sells my art. They want what sells and crabs will sell. So here's a picture of a blue crab. A very tasty treat here in the South. My husband will go out and put some traps in the area and we'll have a crab boil. Here's a pic of an invite I made last year for one of our crab boils.

Here's the painting I did. What do you think?

Amanda gave me this dinosaur she made in art class today. I love it! I told her I would put it on my blog.

I took Jessica to Amanda's school today so she could take a tour of the school and see where she would be going next year. Her friend Lainey was there too. Aren't they so cute?

Oh and here's a picture of my necklace that Steve gave me. It's very beautiful and dainty. I love it a lot. :)

Happy stampin'!


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