Here's my swap

Just thought I would show you some of the stuff I'm swapping.

I hope everyone likes them. I'm also swaping other cards that my downline and friends made for me to take. Can't wait to see all the creative ideas at Conveniton. Woo hoo!

Here's a picture of my girls. I'm totally missing them.

I hope they are being good for daddy. Hugs!!!

See you all when I get back.



Carla Bazhenow said…
Jackie, I'm so tickled for you being at Convention, say hey to everyone for me!! Your swaps are fabulous!!! I so wish one was mine. Your girls are gorgeous and you know Dads spoiling them rotten. I don't know a man that can say no to his little girls. *smile* Hugs,
Jackie Barfield said…
Loving convention! We should plan a swap. When I get home.

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