Pictures from the Crop for the Cure

I want to start this post by saying how much I appreciate my team. They really came together and helped me out so much. In fact at a team meeting when we were going over some details and finalizing some to do items I said, "My event." One of my turtles corrected me and said, "Our event." Totally agree. I was able to spend time with those who needed me and focus on the time line of the event.

Before the big day I had several ladies come over an help me with the Goodie bags. Here they are on my kitchen counter.

Laura had helped me stamp the tags. So did Elizabeth and Francesca.

I was so pleased with the turnout for the crop. Here's a view of the room.

I hope that everyone that attended the event enjoyed it and got a lot of scrapbooking done. My friend Carla got a lot of her Disney album done. Here she is scrapbooking away in her own little scrapping spot.

I was also amazed by the vendors at the event. A new scrapbooking store in Gulf Shores came to it and had a mini store set up. Here is Anne with one of the croppers.

Panera Bread donated some delicious bagels and pastries. Here's Amanda enjoying a bite.

We also had coffee, cream and cups donated by Starbucks. What an amazing city I live in. So generous!

I have to say that the classes that were offered were fantastic. Here's one of my turtles learning to etch on glass.

The cool part was how Marcie used the negative to do the etching and then the positive to make a cute framed monogram.

Barbara with the finished product.

I have a feeling that Barbara will be a turtle soon. Just a feeling. Hee hee. That shirt she has on isn't a clue.

The food that we had was delicious. Santa Fe Grill in Mobile donated the tacos. Many of you thought they were homemade and not from a restaurant. They were so yummy. And the pizza was donated by Papa Johns. Dinner was specially made by my husband Steve. Jambalaya is one of his best recipes and he did not disappoint this crowd. The ladies from Louisiana kept asking him where he was from since he could make a Cajun dish so well. LOL.

Here's a page that someone scrapbooked.

I love turtles. I never did explain the whole turtle thing. I have several real turtles in my back yard and I'm know for stopping to move turtles out of the road. I love my pet turtles a lot and care for them as much as I do my furry pets. When I was thinking of a name for my team I realized that Totally Turtles would be a great name because if we go at this business like a turtle we won't get burned out but we'll still win the race. Plus the word turtle could be a great acronym for what we do and who we are.


So that's why we are turtles.

Here's a lovely lady that would be a great turtle. Perhaps this is the month she says yes. What do you think Carmen?

Your friend Debbie could be your very first customer. LOL.

A picture of Ashley working on her winning entry for the page layout contest.

I don't think Ashley sat down the entire time. She usually was using some tool to create brilliant embellishments on her pages.
Scrapping Frenzy was there too. Here's the group. Two ladies were cropping too.

Marcie from Kutitup:

I also had Close to my Heart, Creative Memories and ScrapHappy as vendors. A lot of ladies said I had a better vendor turn out then most crops they go to. I'm glad that everyone enjoyed having them there. Its good to support each other and share our ideas with each other.

Well that's it for now. I'll post again soon.


cdpeck said…
Thanks for posting all the pictures, Jackie! You did a great job with the Crop.
Wendy said…
Great pics Jackie!!
HAPPY all went very well!
WOW - the LUCKY scrappers were definitely spoiled with your hubby cooking dinner! I'm sure it was AMAZING with all the other food I've tasted he's cooked!
Carla Bazhenow said…
How amazing for you!!! I am so glad everything turned out perfectly for you. You have a fabulous team!!! I so enjoyed reading this post!!! Hugs,

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