Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monkey See Monkey Do

Do you all remember that we have a stamp set of a sock monkey?? I just had to have it when it first came out. Of course then I got the accessories when those came out too. I love my little monkey but hardly ever use it. Well at Wal Mart they have doggie toys that are sock monkeys. I got this for my buddy Trapper. Isn't he cute? He has been sewn a few times. Not that well made but so darn cute!

I was inspired to make a card using the same color scheme. Check it out:

I gave this card to my friend Becky. She's always making the best cards and sending them to me so I thought I'd send her one for a change. (Hope you got your card before I posted this!) LOL.

I love the ghost pumpkin too. I really like how it turned out. Hope Becky likes it too!

Happy Stampin'!

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Wonderfully Made! said...

Love that sock monkey!! I'm following from SC!

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