Owl for you!

Hey stampers,

I just wanted to do a quick tutorial on using the new Owl Punch.  See there's these teeny, tiny circles to use for the eyes. Yes, they are there. I'll wait while you put your glasses on. Okay, so you might be thinking, "This is CRAZY! How do they expect me to put these tiny dots on there???"  Well I found out a trick that makes it so super easy you are going to say, "Jackie is great! Jackie is great! Jackie is great!" (And mean it. LOL).

So here's the tutorial:

 These are the cute owls I made and below is the punch. See all the circles? I'm sure that we need them all. LOL.

Punch several of the owls out in a solid cardstock and then in a DSP. Get creative and do something wild! Use red and green or orange and purple. Anything you want!

I used Chocolate Chip and River Rock DSP.

Next you will find the two smallest holes on the punch and punch them out of the solid color cardstock. Make sure they are close to the edge but not too close.

Like this:
Try to ignore the mess on my desk. Yikes!

Then you are going to reinsert the paper and line up those two teeny, tiny dots with the medium sized holes on the punch. Guess what. They can be punched at the same time!

See how cool! Then you layer them on top of the DSP and that shows throw the holes you made.

No teeny, tiny pieces to deal with.

Here's a card I made for Laura. It's only a few weeks late. Sorry Laura!

Check out the detail on this ribbon.

I can't take credit for this but I will direct you to the lovely lady who was nice enough to do a video. Here is her website. Scroll down to the video and watch the magic that she does with some sticky strip and ribbon. Love this and I'm so making those cones.

Well that's all I have for you today.

Come back soon and I'll have the card I made at Kay's work. It's simple but very nice.


Terry & Kim said…
Great idea with the owl eyes! Thanks. I'm now following you from SC.

Terry #250

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