Haunted House

This is my Haunted House using the Build a house from the mini catalog. (Cost is $5.95). 

The house comes with instructions but I will give you a step by step here:

Start by laying out all the pieces.

(Those dots are from the sun coming through the blinds. Pay no attention to them. :))

Next you attach sticky strip to all the edges that come together like so:

I also added sticky strip to the roof of one piece even though the instructions don't tell you to do it. Here's the piece:

I then attach the walls together until it's free standing without a roof.

Next the roof goes on.

You can see why I put the sticky strip on first. It's better to have a flat surface to lay it on to do that rather than a pitched surface.

Next you'll put the back part of the roof.

Add the chimney to the back of the roof.

The house is done:

But wait! It still doesn't look like a spooky haunted house! Oh yeah. These things come white and you have to decorate them. You could get all fancy shmancy with DSP and cut out all the little windows and make all kinds of cool patterns on the house. But at convention they had a GREAT idea that made a huge WOW impact and was super easy. Spray paint.

Take this outside to do. Lots of fumes. LOL.  I placed the house in a cardboard box and sprayed all the sides and the roof black. Then I used our fine glitter and sprinkled it on the wet paint. I used purple glitter on the roof and clear on the sides. After it dried I sealed the glitter with some clear coat spray. That was just so I wouldn't have glitter all over the house, my hands, my face, etc.

After the house was dry I took it back to my craft room and made some fun elements to add to it.

I used the bat punch, wire and dimensionals to pop them up above the house. I used some DSP to make a cute roof line awning. I also used Pumpkin Pie DSP for inside the windows. Tip: Cut the paper in a rectangle a little bigger than the size of the window and attach with snail on the inside. Then take some strips of paper and curl them using the bone folder and attach to the chimney.  I die cut some ghosts and added them coming out the door and the chimney.

There you go! Didn't that just make you scream, "I want one!"


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