Girl Scouts and a visit to the Water Treatment Plant

So I told you I would tell you more about my trip to the water treatment plant. I had my troop go to Utilities plant for a field trip on Tuesday. They were very prepared and had a lovely visit planned for everyone. More than our troop was there and it seemed like a good turn out.

There were four stations. The first station was about conserving water. He handed each girl a penny cut in half to show how much a gallon of water costs. Then he talked about saving water and checking for leaks in the toilet. We'll be trying the food die in the toilet tank test for sure.

Then we all ate hot dogs and hamburgers. After that we got to see what was inside the huge tank. Look:

Nope, it's not chocolate milk. The tour guide told us how he had fell into a tank like this somewhere else. They keep life jackets right next to the tank. This is were they put water after it's been filtered but still needs to be cleaned by the "bugs". So this tank has millions of microscopic bugs in it. Cool!

Here's my troop:

Have a blessed day!


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