Sad News

Our new turtle friend didn't make it. I checked on him hourly and at one point he seemed to be doing slightly better. (Meaning he moved a little more when I held him). But when I checked him before going to bed he didn't respond at all and all his legs were limp. I had my husband dig a hole under our oak tree in the back yard. That's our pet cemetery. Bob the fish that I had for 10 years is buried there. So is our guinea pig Snowflake. All the baby turtles that didn't make it are there too. 

 I decided to make a sympathy card in honor of the turtle. I didn't even have time to give him a name.

I used Lovely as a Tree since there's an  oak in it. I think I would have liked this better with the ribbon tied to the side more and the oval over lapping the circle but I cut the ribbon too short.

On a happy note my baby turtles are doing well. Even one eye Jack has two eyes and is eating some worm as I type. All the babies are growing bigger and doing well. I may start to put the bigger babies out in the garden soon. They should be about three years old before I do that so that animals can't carry them off. My neighbor's cat did like taking little ones. I'll go out and feed mamma and daddy in a little bit too.

So what is my pet count now? I have 12 baby turtles, two adult turtles, one greek tortoise, one leapord gecko, one guinea pig and one dog. I'm living in a zoo! This is probably because my mom never let me have pets when I was little. My sisters bought me a dog once and we kept it for one day and my mom made them take it back. I remember that. Probably scarred me for life. But I'm making up for it now and I think my girls are enjoying having all the pets.

Okay I'm getting my office all cleaned up and I'm still doing catch up on house work. Maybe when my girls wake up they can help me. I need to start getting them up earlier anyway. School starts in just a couple weeks.

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