Milk Carton Die

So I've been doing these cute little boxes at my workshops lately and today I showed some Realtors how easy it is to make a unique gift to give out to clients. The Neighborhood Wheel is perfect for this. Sell a home? Buy a home? This wheel has homes. LOL.

So we made a cute box. Lookie:

I love the red ribbon matching the heart and the Tempting Turquoise button matching the saying. I love the new clear Bitty Buttons. You can put any color cardstock or DSP behind it and it will be exactly what you want.

I've also been working on my Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill painting that I'll be donating to a fundraiser in October for Cancer. When I get all the details about it I'll let you know. Here's a partial view of the painting.

I really enjoy doing these Ice Cube paintings. The only problem I have is that I need to lay the canvas flat and let the paint and ice melt and drip off. So I can't really do them inside the house. It's been raining everyday for over a week and finally I was able to get outside a few days ago and finish the painting. Now I'll seal it and paint the sides and let the hubby add the hardware to the back. I sure hope it brings in some money for the fundraiser. I think it will be a silent auction. I've sold paintings for $600 before in California and I've had many people interested in the piece I did for the Virginia Tech Victims. I have several of my works in a salon in Orange Beach. My friend and downline will be coming over this weekend to try to make an Alabama University canvas. She's got some great words to paint on first and then we'll play around with the cubes. LOL.

I'm not really ready to go to bed yet so I may go blog hopping. See ya around!


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