New turtle but he needs prayers

Today I was on my way to the doctor's office when I saw a turtle in the middle of the road. So I turned my car around and went back to move him to the side of the road. Only problem was he was injured and barely responding to my touch. I couldn't just leave him on the side of the road so I decided to bring him home. I have him soaking in some water but it's pretty bad. His shell looks okay for the most part but his face is really torn up. Please pray that he makes a recover or goes quickly, whichever the Lord decides.

Here's a picture of him.

He seems rather young to me. Maybe 7-10 years old. It's hard to say really but I have a male that's bigger than him so I'm sure this one wasn't fully grown yet.

I'll keep you posted.


Maxine said…
I hope he makes it. Me and my daughter were out for a run the other night and seen a turtle crossing the road. They are so slow, but that one made it across just fine.
Lynn said…
I hope he makes it! I think God was working His mysterious ways when He let a turtle lover like you find this injured turtle. Just sayin'

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