Tough little cowgirl!

As you all know Amanda is my little cowgirl. She is taking lessons and she participates in the monthly rodeo. Well yesterday was the rodeo and she was riding Ginger, her usual horse. But they had a tie down on Ginger yesterday and that was something new they were trying on her to keep Ginger from throwing her head around.

Amanda did great on the first event that was four barrels in a line. Then the second event was the 3 barrel race and she had trouble from the beginning but the last barrel was when her horse started to act up and then was running and bucking hard. Amanda held on for a while but then let go and she went flying! Here's a picture of her in mid-air.

It seemed to happen in slow motion and I was in the concession stand. Luckily daddy was there by her side within seconds and picked her up. When I got over to her she was not crying hard at all. She had tears in her eyes but I could tell she was fine. I got her back on Ginger and she told me, "I have dirt in my boots." So I helped get the dirt out of her shoes. She did the poles event with me leading the horse with a rope. When Ginger trotted back to the gate Amanda was scared but held on and did fine.

I think I'll make her a card. She's such a brave little cowgirl. I will definitely scrapbook this one.


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