More Cupcakes!!!

Actually they are called cake pops. Francesca is starting up a side business selling these cute little cake pops. She can make them any flavor, color, occasion. So if you are interested is buying some you can find her on Facebook.

Here's one she added a cute tag to.

They are super yummy and actually last about a week (or more) in the fridge. I'm thinking of getting some mardi gras ones.

I'm off to Leadership so I won't be around for a few days. Wish me luck on the roads. I hear it is snowing like crazy in Tennessee.  I'll be in Nashville. Yee Ha!

When I get back I'll have lots of great ideas to share with you so keep checking. In the meantime I'll have some posts of swaps that my downline made plus some other creative things they  did. They all are so talented!!!!

Later stampers!


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