Beveled Windowpanes

These accessories are so much fun! They are in the Mini Catalog. $7.95 gets you 12 of them (4 each of three sizes).

Here's some samples I saw at Leadership:

I really was impressed with what you could do with them. Some ladies were wearing them as necklaces too. I'm thinking this should be a class. How about you? Hee hee.

I'm having a wonderful Saturday! I got up and made sausage, eggs and pancakes for my family. I read some of the book I've been reading called The Help. Very good book. I checked my email and sent a message to my team. I tickled my little girl until she was screaming stop. I played with my doggie. I cuddled with my other daughter. Played Wii with them both. Updated my blog and I'm still in my jammies. It's a great day!


Anonymous said…
Sounds devine! Enjoy :)

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