My Husband Singing

No need for an introduction here. Hee hee. I was watching him for a couple minutes and then thought, "I gotta record this." It's nice to know my husband can still let loose and be fun.

I hope you enjoyed this video. Perhaps I can make a stamping video someday. One will have to check back to see if I do. Hee hee.

I bought a book at the store the other day called, Lessons of a Turtle. I think it's very cute and very true some of the quotes and sayings in it. I thought maybe you would like to see some of the sayings.

Here's one that really makes sense.

You can't move forward until you stick your neck out.

If you are one of my "turtles" this is a great way to think about your business or hobby. If you want to do more with it you'll have to stick your neck out. Perhaps even book a workshop. Gasp! I know. It's hard to ask people to host a party for you. I was rejected at least 10 times recently. I wish I wouldn't hear "no" so much but then again the "yes" from the right person is worth it.

I added a new turtle to my group. My niece Rachael is now a part of my team. I can't wait for her kit to show up so she can start growing her business.

That's it for today. I hope to show you my Big Shot project tomorrow. I've designed something but I have to make it now. It's a Valentine Banner. It's going to be AWESOME!!!

Good night.


Karen said…
poor guy- my husband would have killed me!!

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