Gifts for my Leadership buddies

Here's  some gifts I made for my Leadership buddies. I hope they liked them. I got the idea from one of my customers that is very talented with making boxes and other 3 D items.

Of course I had to put some chocolate inside them. Hee hee.

I used the new SAB paper and ribbon. There's also a sticker sheet that has the flowers and circles plus some other neat designs. The stamp is from the Level III Hostess stamp set in the Big Cattie.

I should be on my way home from Leadership. I can't wait to post pictures!

Happy stamping!


Gloria Dojlido said…
Have fun!!!!

Great Blog! I am now following you via Stampin Connection.
BiBa said…
Hi Jackie,
oh....I see you made the littel chocolate box... it is a wonderful littel present!
See you Birgit

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