Oh Christmas Tree!

I bought a styrofoam cone the other day hoping to get a chance to make a paper tree for Christmas.  Today my wonderful husband, Steve, started putting lights up on the house. I thought it was a great time to figure out the paper tree. He thought it was a good time for me to go outside in the cold and help with the decorations. I did not agree. So I stayed inside where it's warm and made this.

I used Love Letters DSP. I used three sheets but I ended up with a little left over.  The ribbon is Cherry Cobbler seam binding and Crochet Lace. That's it.

To start you need to cut the paper into 1" strips. After that you cut them into 4" pieces.

To attached the strips to the cone use straight pins.  I folded over the strips and pushed the pin through it. 

Layer around the cone in rows. I used one type of DSP pattern for the whole row then changed to a different pattern the next row and so forth until I needed to repeat.

If you want to make this tree let me know.

Merry Christmas!


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