Custom Cards

So this is the time of year for thinking of those who aren't normally recognized. Like the mail person, teachers, the bus driver.  I know my kids bus driver has to deal with a lot on that bus. Crazy things happen on school buses. LOL.  So to recognize all that she does I made a custom card just for her.

I love this stamp set! It's in the big catalog on page 65 called Every Little Bit. I think this set would be great for doing inserts for the Simply Adorned too.

I got this set finally in the clear and I love how easy it is to use it. I wish it was all in one case though. It comes in two cases but  I think I figured out how to get them all into one case. You can pull out the paper inserts that tell you the name of the stamp set and show pictures of each stamp. Well just put one on the back and leave one on the front. So easy I'm sure. Will have to try it.

Amanda is having her birthday party today. Hope it doesn't rain. It's going to be cold though. Bundle up cowgirls and cowboys.


Queenie Jeannie said…
My neighbor just ordered this set and I showed her how to do exactly as you have done. Everything fits in one case! I do this with ALL the two case sets and then I have empty cases for the wood sets I buy (and then unmount, lol!)

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