My Cowgirl did so good today!

Today Amanda was able to ride in the rodeo. She also had a new outfit that Grandpa gave her for her birthday. She looked so cute! I'm so proud of her too. The first few events she needed help but for the poles she told Danielle that she could do it herself. Not only did she get Ginger to listen to her she actually rode great and did the fastest personal time. She didn't get a ribbon for that event but she did get FIVE ribbons!

Here's a picture of her with her ribbons:

That's her first 2nd place ribbon! Soooo cool! She also got 3rd place in the musical squares. Actually she was the first to get out and Mr. Chris asked the other girls if it was okay for her to get a second chance. They all raised their hands to agree to it. Sooo sweet of them!

Her other ribbons were for 4th and 5th place in the Relay Race and the Ribbon Race. Both of those she had a partner and had to either hand the baton to the other rider or hold one end of a ribbon while racing around a barrel.

What was the 2nd place for? Well she had to race down the arena to the diaper on the ground, get off her horse, put on the diaper and race back to the finish line while pulling her horse. I'd like to say she did really good and earned that 2nd place but there were two girls competing in that race. Hee hee.

Here she is with Ginger.

Jessica was my big helper in the concession stand. I volunteered to sell the food and drinks because one month no one was there and my daughter was hungry. So I got her the food and paid. Then someone else wanted something so I sold them food. It just started by accident but I actually enjoy doing it.

Here's my Jessica:

I need to make Amanda her birthday invitations. I think I'll start right now but I'm cold and tired. Sleep or crafting....hmmm.....Where's my stamp set with the horses on it???

Happy trails!

For more info on the Saddle Club you can visit their website:  click here


that is really kewl! Way to go!

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