Playing with new embossing folder

Oh I'm so excited! I got a new embossing folder with snowflakes on it. I had to create something right away and I thought, "Why not have the background blue like the sky." So I used the technique I had showed you a few weeks ago where you put the ink on the embossing folder and then run it through the Big Shot. Totally looks great! Here it is:

It's a good thing I horded all that Baja Breeze Ribbon. LOL. Love it! I used a build a brad and the itty bitty buttons too. I really like this card. This is not the card we are making on Sunday. Way too much bling on it. I may have you all make the snowflake background though.

I have to share what a fun night I had with my girls tonight. Amanda didn't get any check marks this week so I had to reward her for that. She had a horse back riding lesson and then I took her and Jessica to Cracker Barrel for dinner. They love looking around the store there. (Don't tell anyone but I do too.) After dinner we ended up going to get ice cream at Marble Slab. We walked in and got in line and the guy comes over to me to say that they are closed and just forgot to lock the door. I gave him a look like, "I can't disappoint my girls." I said, "Can't I just get them a small cup of ice cream?" He said if I don't need mix ins that he could do that. Yeah! The girls did want mix ins but I explained that they already put them away. The girls ended up happy with their ice cream and I was happy that someone actually didn't mind working  a little longer so my girls wouldn't be disappointed.

We walked over to the book store afterwards. I LOVE BOOKS!!! I could live in a book store. LOL. Especially this one since there's a Starbucks in it. Gotta have coffee. I got to look at some bible study guides. I didn't buy one but I think I'm leaning towards a study guide geared towards women. There's so many though it's hard to choose.

Jessica wanted to buy a book and I told her it had to be under $5. That's the reward for being good all week. So she kept bringing me books she wanted to see how much it was. Mostly they were $7. Finally she brought one that was $3.99. I told her she could have that one and she was soooo excited. She must love books like I do.

I gave her a $20 and told her to go pay for it. She ran to the front of the store and gave the lady the money and book. I walked up and heard them having a conversation. She sounded so grown up. Just like a customer making small talk. It was so cute.

Right now the girls are watching a movie. I'm going to let them sleep with me tonight too. I remember my  mom letting me sleep with her when I was a kid and that was always a treat. I remember my mom saying to me before she died that she wished she had let me sleep with her more often.

I'm going to go curl up with my girls now so I hope you all have a blessed evening.

Oh here's some pictures I took with my iPhone today. Not bad.


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