Oh you will love this Bama fans!

So I have a class scheduled for October to make 12 inserts with a Simply Adorned charm. The idea was to have 12 inserts to change out for the season/month/outfit. I was thinking that this would make a fantastic gift for a teacher or for a family member. So here's another idea. Why not find out their favorite College Football team and make an insert for that. Do you see where I'm going with this?  Take a look:

What do you think? I probably could come up with some Auburn ones and LSU ones and GA Bulldogs oh and Florida Gators! LOL.

Another fun idea I had was making chocolate wrapped in Designer paper and turned into place settings for Thanksgiving. I made my downline Jeannette one since she made me a cute box with 3 x 3 cards in it. Here it is:

I like how this turned out plus the guests can take home some chocolate. Who doesn't love chocolate?!  It was really easy to make using the matchbox die and the Prehistoric Cricket, Oh I mean Big Shot Machine. LOL. 

I've been playing around making some flowers that I saw on Lyssa's Blog. Click Here

I love how easy they are to make and how beautiful they are. But you need to see them in person to see how pretty they are. I'm going to add some Smooch Spritz to them too. So awesome! I have a great place to put these and I'll post a picture of the completed project tomorrow if I get it done today. But I'm taking a break from putting pine straw out in the yard so I thought I would update my blog. Now it's time to go back out in the heat and sweat some more. Oh, you want to know where my husband is? He's fishing with the girls at the pond. I told him to take a day off since he usually is the one that is working hard on the yard. (Plus I do a better job putting the pine straw out then him. LOL)

Later stampers!


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link. I'm so glad you like the Scrunch Punch flowers! : )
Anonymous said…
Oops, that was me : ) Lyssa Z
And I love your blog, BTW!
Jackie Barfield said…
Lyssa, I figured that was you. LOL.

I'm glad you like my blog. I had a customer tell me that she would like to see me post more and so I have. LOL. (Thanks Becky).

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