Girl Scouts Rule!

Oh my gosh! I had the best time yesterday at the Leader Daughter event that the girl scouts put on for us. They booked a room at The Grand Hotel and this place is a resort. It's awesome! A beach on one side and the pool with a water slide on the other. Not to mention all the terrific food that everyone brought. It was a fantastic event and I enjoyed having some R & R with my two girls and the other leaders. We will have to plan more of these events I think.

Here's a group shot of all the leaders and their daughters.

Yes it's a big group. LOL. Just imagine the whole troop being involved. We number in the hundreds.

I told you I would get to the tutorial and here it is.

Start by punching out the scallop square. Then you use two way glue pen on some copy paper. If you wait until the glue turns from blue to clear then the glue is temporary instead of permanent.

Put the scallop square on the glue and then line it up in the punch again to the size you want. I made it with four scallops on each side.

You'll have a left over piece on the copy paper with the smaller scallop square punched out.

Peel it off the copy paper and you'll see that you have a smaller scallop that you can now layer with the larger one or just add to your project.

Wasn't that easy? I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. I'll have some great Halloween treats to show off tomorrow so check back then.

Happy Stampin'!


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