Monday, February 28, 2011

Jazz It Up Monday!

Yesterday was my stamp a stack. I keep it cheap and simple so there's no bling or glitter or dimensionals. Gasp! But I was thinking about how these cards can be just a starting point so you can take them home and make them super special using the products you already have. If you don't have glitter or smooch spray let me know and I'll add it to my next order.

Here's the card we made:

Pretty but it's rather plain Jane.  So after everyone left I decided to get out my Glitter Glass, ribbon and smooch spray. 

Here's what I came up with.

It totally shimmers and shines and is not at all Plain anymore. I smooched the poinsettias and put them on dimensionals. I love it!

By the way, this flower is from the SAB stamp set Bliss. You can't buy it. Only earn it. Hee hee. The ribbon is from the ribbon swap I did last month. I really like the Old Olive with the Whisper White trim.

I hope you enjoyed my Jazz It Up Monday post.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Lookie what I got!!!

I've been seeing this on some of the blogs I visit often and thought how cool would it be if I got a stylish blogger award. Well this morning I opened my email and found two people had given me the award. Woo hoo! That means they love me. "They really, really love me." LOL.

Now I have to share 8 things with you. Hmmmmm......

1.  I love turtles. That's something everyone knows though. But if you are just tuning in I'll let you know that I own 13 box turtles. Most are babies that were born last year. They are growing so much and just now starting to come out of hibernation.  Box turtles have a great personality. Plus it's fun to watch them eat a live worm. Sort of like watching T-rex eat something. I imagine that turtles and dinos have a lot in common.

2.  I'm totally NOT organized. I'm not sure if it's a genetic disorder but for some reason I can't seem to stay organized. Once in a blue moon I'll put everything in my craft room away, have a place for everything, sort my stamps, throw trash away and file paperwork. I'll even have a table with nothing on it. But how long does this last? Maybe a day. As soon as I start crafting I pull out at least two or three stamp sets, 5 ink pads, my Big Shot, several dies and of course cardstock. Then I'll get some sponges out and ribbon and brads and punches. Pretty soon you can't see my desk top anymore. Oh and when orders come in I have boxes everywhere! Trying to find something in this mess is crazy but usually there's some "order" in my brain that helps me find things. LOL.

3.  I am turning 40 in April. What???? Where did my life go? Wasn't I just 15 wishing to be older everyday? I remember thinking that 30 was old. LOL. The Monkeys were on TV, Happy Days was one of my favorite shows and so was the Love Boat. My favorite song was "I Just Can't Get Enough." by Depeche Mode. Now I'm turning 40 and I listen to Pink and Lady Gaga. My favorite show is House.  Do I feel old? Actually some days yes. I have stiff legs and a stiff back in the morning or if I get up off the floor after sitting for a while. I play tag with my kids but say, "You can only walk. No running." LOL.  Otherwise I get out of breath. The best thing about turning 40? I'm still alive.

4.  I watch Glenn Beck everyday or try to. Even if you don't agree with him it's a fun show to watch. One day my daughter walked into the room while I was watching him and she said, "Oh Glenn Beck. I love this show." She was 7 at the time. LOL. 

5.  I get really bad PMS once a month. Don't mess with me when I'm PMSing.  My poor friend and neighbor has been on the wrong end of that rant. Luckily she loves me anyway and I realized I was extra grumpy and apologized to her. Not sure if the vitamin D is working yet. I was super low in that a few months back and I read that it can cause people to be irritable. I'm also trying to get some sun on me every day. I hope it's helping for every one's sake.  LOL. 

6.  I love to drink coffee. The sweeter the better. I have to have my flavored creamer and a Sweet n Low.  Two or three cups a day. I usually sit at the kitchen table and drink my coffee while reading the paper. Of course Steve, my hubby, thinks that I should be doing laundry or something.  Men. They just don't understand us women. We need time to wake up and start our day. I'll get to laundry, after lunch. Hee hee.

7.  I love God. Doesn't everybody? LOL.  The thing is that I've always had a great relationship with Him. I've always talked to Him even as a kid as if He's in the room with me. I talk to Him like He's a person that would be able to talk to me. I've only heard His voice once really but He has answered my prayers numerous times. As I get older I understand more and more how much God loves me.  Especially since having children. So I know that no matter how bad a child I am He loves me and forgives me. Thank God! LOL. I have told my own children that I  love them no matter what. I may not like what behavior they are doing but I will always love them.  Since I started going back to church I have felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I have always had faith but sometimes forget that I don't have to face things alone. So I think God reminds me that He's there with some challenges. Like being sick. I was so sick and had a million things to do. After trying to push through I decided to lean on friends and cancel some things. I realized that God is in charge and that I have to have faith that things are happening for a reason and not to fight it. He is all knowing after all. Why should I question things? I guess as children we want answers in order to form opinions. But faith isn't about opinions. You can't have proof or answers to your questions. You just have to believe.

8.  Which brings me to the stamp set Just Believe. This stamp set is one I loved so much I got it twice! LOL.  I have it in clear and in wood.  Both of the sets were free. One I earned last year during Sale-a-bration. So I waited until the new catalog came out and got to pick a free stamp set any amount. Then when I went to convention last year I got that stamp set again in the bag they give you. Totally awesome! I've made many cards with it and inserts for my Simply Adorned Charm.  It's such a pretty set with leaves or flowers and the sayings are perfect for using with our punches.

I guess that's it. Oh I'm suppose to link to the people who gave me the award. Here's Leena's Link and Amy's Link.

And I need to pass on the award to 8 other blogs. Let's see. Oh of course! Here's who I think has a Stylish Blog. I'm sure some of them have already gotten the award because they are soooo awesome!

1. Francesca Mata, Cake Pops.

2. Birgit Stolz,

3.  Michelle Zindorf,

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5. Julie Leblanc,

6. Jan Tink,

7. Belinda Tubby,

8. Carla Bazhenow,

That's it for today. I'm thinking about making a video. I made these cute Thank You cards and I want to show how to make them with a video. Stayed tune to see if it ever gets done. LOL. 

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Technique Time

Today I'm going to do a step by step tutorial. I haven't done one in a while. I had some club members miss this class so this will help them get up to date on things.

Here's the crayon resist technique.

Start with glossy white paper.

Stamp with basic black/brown or gray ink. I haven't tried it with another ink so I'm not sure how that would work. I think you should use a permanent type ink.

I did a little variation on this by adding some Pear Pizazz on the leaves before doing the crayon.

Now you'll need to go to your kids crafts and find a white crayon. I'll wait.

Okay, got it? Let's continue.

Start at the bottom and work your way up coloring the leaves, flowers and stems with the crayon. Since it's white you can't see where you colored so if you have any doubts just color it again.

Next you'll sponge two different colors on the paper. I did Blushing Bride and Rose Red. Start with the lightest color first.

I rubbed the ink on with the sponge instead of dabbing.

Here's the next color.

After you sponged it you'll need to get a tissue and wipe off the crayon parts. It's so cool how the crayon keeps the ink from sticking to the paper.

To finish my card I stamped an image from the SAB stamp set called Bliss. So pretty!

I used Blushing Bride ink on Blushing Bride cardstock. makes it like a water mark.

Then attach the elements such as seam binding ribbon in Pear Pizazz and layer a few punches.

You now have a beautiful card to give to someone you love.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My downline is so talented! Here's the swaps that the ladies did for our meeting last night.

 Debbie's above is with the very first stamp set she ever bought from me.

Below is Laura's. I love the pinwheel. The dots coordinate nicely with the embossing folder. Great job!

 Here's Francesca's. I love the springtime paper. I showed her the flowers that coordinate with it and now she's gotta get those. LOL.

Last but not least is mine.

I love the ribbon. It's really easy to put on with the Tombow glue.

Yesterday was my downline meeting. I usually don't serve dinner at this meeting but everyone was starving when they got to my house. Luckily I had made a big pot of bean soup. I did not plan to have everyone eat so unfortunately I ran out of rice. Sorry ladies! Maybe we should start the meeting a little early and have dinner too. LOL.

My mind is still not quite right from being sick and I'm very forgetful and disorganized. No jokes please. LOL.  So I didn't get to honor my top sales girl last night. I need to come up with something special to do. Brainstorming ideas right now....Here's what I'll do. I'll post her name really big on my blog.

Elizabeth Jennings

For January she had the highest sales! She'll probably be highest in sales this month too. Way to go girl! She only had two workshops this month and she's already past $700 in sales. If she had gotten one more workshop she would have had $1000 I'm sure. With that she would have had 30% income from that.

I also want to mention that Jeannette hasn't been feeling well. She was supposed to have a workshop on Saturday but we had to reschedule. I hope she's feeling better soon. I missed her last night!

I guess that's it for now. Have a great day!

Faux Silk

Look at this pretty card that Laura made for me when I was so sick.

It's so beautiful in real life. I was thinking that the paper was some kind of fabric or handmade special paper. Nope. Just the simple technique using tissue. Seriously. I have to try this. Check back to see what I come up with.

I can't wait to show all the fun swaps I got at the meeting last night. I'll be taking pictures soon and posting them.

Have a great day.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Shrimp anyone?

We had a yummy shrimp dinner last night. Here's Steve and Amanda peeling shrimp. Amanda really likes to peel things. She loves to peel the egg shell off of hard boiled eggs. She also is great at shucking corn. Even things that aren't supposed to be peeled she finds a way to peel them. LOL.

This past weekend I got some sad news. Steve's aunt Ginnie told me her mom passed away. I knew she was sick with the flu and that she was already battling Congestive Heart Failure. I was worried about her and then the next day Ginnie called and told me she didn't make it through the night. I know how hard it is to lose your mom and I felt so bad for her. She's got to drive all the way to Maine for the funeral.

So even though it's not the best occasion I did make her a sympathy card. Those are the hardest cards to make but to me are the most special and treasured cards. Here's what I made:

and the inside:

I hope she turns to God for support as well as her family and friends. When my mom passed away I got really angry and turned away from God and going to church. I told Him that I was mad and needed some time. I wish now I had been more accepting of her fate and believed that it was for the best but it was so hard to do that since I was so close to my mom and felt that I still needed her. Luckily I came back to God and He of course welcomed me with open arms. It feels much better there than doing things on my own. Plus I found a great church to go to that feels like family and is very welcoming. It's like coming home.

May God bless you and your lives.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Simply Adorned Inserts

My class went great today! I had 6 ladies come. Most of them are in my downline. Hee hee. They love the Simply Adorned Charm and making inserts can be addictive. One of them was worried about me being ready for the class. (I wonder why.) But I do my best creating under pressure. Here's what I came up with.

We did 5 inserts plus a Monogram for the back. I think they all turned out great.

Tomorrow is my turtle meeting. We're going to have soooo much fun! I'll have a raffle, swaps, prizes and more. Thinking about joining Stampin' Up! and having a group of ladies to get together with and stamp with? Then email me. We'd love to have you!

I'm heading to bed now. Seems like I'm still pretty tired from my illness.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Retirement

My husband's cousin, Charlie, just retired and had a huge party this past Friday. I asked Steve if he needed me to make a card. He said yes. So here's what I came up with.

I used the madallion background stamp, Plant Hope stamp set, Bashful Blue, River Rock, Wild Wasabi, Sahara Sand. Sponged some Crumb Cake ink or maybe it was Basic Brown. I didn't want to add any ribbon or "girlie" stuff on it. Just simple.  The saying is from Teeny Tiny Sayings. I love this set. It's also the one I used for Valentine's Day.  So many different sayings that really it's the only set you need. 

I guess that's it for today. Gotta plan my stamp club projects for tonight.  I'm feeling better so I'll go ahead and do the class. See ya all soon.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Kids Valentine's for class

My daughters had fun making the Valentine's for their classes yesterday. Here they are cuting, gluing and putting it all together.

We used the new DSP paper in the mini catalog. I really like the gray, red and pink in it. Amanda's Valentine's were the heart treat cups with a Dove chocolate heart inside each one. I punched a hole at the top and added some gray ribbon.  I have her name in a stamp so we just stamped her name on the back. Here's her's.

Jessica's class got pencils. But I couldn't just send in a pencil by itself so we made little toppers out of the owl stamp from SAB and the punch. The color is Poppy Parade. Jessica picked it out. Daddy helped by punching the scallop circle.  Jessica glued it all together.

We also stamped her name on the back. Turned out cute I think.  The teachers got a cake pop made by Francesca. Lookie:

They are super yummy! Francesca sold a ton of cake pops this Valentine's.  She's ready for a break from baking. LOL.  She's planning to make Mardi Gras ones soon though.

Here's the gifts I gave my girls this morning. 

Chocolate, stickers, stuffed animals and a handmade card.  They loved it! Jessica asked if I'll do this every Valentine's day. I said, "Maybe."  LOL. 

Hope you have a very wonderful Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Stampin' Up! and Francesca totally rock!!!

Okay stampers. I have totally felt the love from my downline lately. I've been sick with the flu and then a secondary infection after that. I haven't been able to do much in the last week. Luckily I have a super team that takes care of me. Laura brought me some candy in this cute little box she made. She made my two girls some too. I'll post pictures tomorrow because I can't find my camera right now.

Then today I was suppose to do a Valentine's Day Card Class for a group of moms. I had a fever last night and I couldn't get out of bed at all. Well actually when I hear the Star Wars music playing on TV last night during the game I had to drag my booty out of bed to see that commercial. Hee hee. I loved the little Darth Vader. How cute! 

So I asked my downline Francesca if she could take over for me for the class. Now Francesca hasn't done her own workshop before and she just signed up in November but she's so talented and she's great at talking! LOL.  She was able to take over the class so that no one was disappointed. Everyone had fun and so did Francesca. She was able to sell some Cake Pops too and make a few contacts for workshops. Yeah girl!!!

Hopefully she took a picture of the card they made. Sounded super cute! 

Now that I've slowed down... oh wait...I haven't slowed down. In fact Girl Scout Cookies were delivered to my house today. So if you bought some cookies from me I'll be getting them out in a day or two. 2000 boxes were ordered by our troop. We did 1000 in presales. I figure it'll be easy to sell the rest. LOL. 

Okay now I'm off to bed or something. Need to rest since I'm on anti-biotics now. Feeling better though. :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Did ya miss me?

Well the flu totally hit me on Tuesday. I've been in bed for three days and today I'm finally sitting up and able to work on crafts/blogging/stampin'.  Still feel achy but I'm not as weak.

Here's a little card that's simple to do.

Pretty much one layer if you don't count the flowers. You need the embossing folder from the mini cattie and the five petal punch. Stamp with whatever stamp set you have and add a glimmer brad for some bling. Super easy and it's really pretty in person.

I used the naturals white paper. I love it! The little specs in the paper make it more fancy.

Okay, Just had a coughing fit so gotta go.
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