Stampin' Up! and Francesca totally rock!!!

Okay stampers. I have totally felt the love from my downline lately. I've been sick with the flu and then a secondary infection after that. I haven't been able to do much in the last week. Luckily I have a super team that takes care of me. Laura brought me some candy in this cute little box she made. She made my two girls some too. I'll post pictures tomorrow because I can't find my camera right now.

Then today I was suppose to do a Valentine's Day Card Class for a group of moms. I had a fever last night and I couldn't get out of bed at all. Well actually when I hear the Star Wars music playing on TV last night during the game I had to drag my booty out of bed to see that commercial. Hee hee. I loved the little Darth Vader. How cute! 

So I asked my downline Francesca if she could take over for me for the class. Now Francesca hasn't done her own workshop before and she just signed up in November but she's so talented and she's great at talking! LOL.  She was able to take over the class so that no one was disappointed. Everyone had fun and so did Francesca. She was able to sell some Cake Pops too and make a few contacts for workshops. Yeah girl!!!

Hopefully she took a picture of the card they made. Sounded super cute! 

Now that I've slowed down... oh wait...I haven't slowed down. In fact Girl Scout Cookies were delivered to my house today. So if you bought some cookies from me I'll be getting them out in a day or two. 2000 boxes were ordered by our troop. We did 1000 in presales. I figure it'll be easy to sell the rest. LOL. 

Okay now I'm off to bed or something. Need to rest since I'm on anti-biotics now. Feeling better though. :)


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