My downline is so talented! Here's the swaps that the ladies did for our meeting last night.

 Debbie's above is with the very first stamp set she ever bought from me.

Below is Laura's. I love the pinwheel. The dots coordinate nicely with the embossing folder. Great job!

 Here's Francesca's. I love the springtime paper. I showed her the flowers that coordinate with it and now she's gotta get those. LOL.

Last but not least is mine.

I love the ribbon. It's really easy to put on with the Tombow glue.

Yesterday was my downline meeting. I usually don't serve dinner at this meeting but everyone was starving when they got to my house. Luckily I had made a big pot of bean soup. I did not plan to have everyone eat so unfortunately I ran out of rice. Sorry ladies! Maybe we should start the meeting a little early and have dinner too. LOL.

My mind is still not quite right from being sick and I'm very forgetful and disorganized. No jokes please. LOL.  So I didn't get to honor my top sales girl last night. I need to come up with something special to do. Brainstorming ideas right now....Here's what I'll do. I'll post her name really big on my blog.

Elizabeth Jennings

For January she had the highest sales! She'll probably be highest in sales this month too. Way to go girl! She only had two workshops this month and she's already past $700 in sales. If she had gotten one more workshop she would have had $1000 I'm sure. With that she would have had 30% income from that.

I also want to mention that Jeannette hasn't been feeling well. She was supposed to have a workshop on Saturday but we had to reschedule. I hope she's feeling better soon. I missed her last night!

I guess that's it for now. Have a great day!


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