Twisted Ash Wednesday

Well I have to say that this has been a very memorable Ash Wednesday. The morning started off with a tornado warning coming from the radio alarm clock. I have heard this before but the ladies voice seemed different this time. Plus they were very specific about where and when the tornado might hit. So I got up, got my kids ready for school and then watched the news like a hawk. I did manage to drink some coffee to try to wake up. (No I did NOT give up coffee for Lent).

So the storm was coming and it was fast moving. My friend Francesca was silly enough to go to work today and was headed straight towards the worst part of the storm. She's very lucky that the tornado decided to hit just South of her.

I'm actually one of those people that likes storms. I stare out the window and watch lightening strikes and I love the boom of thunder.  Well the news was saying we had 7300 lightening strikes in five minutes throughout Mobile and Daphne.  I watched out the window as the cable went out. My husband and I unplugged computers and TVs. If our house got hit by lightening it could fry all those.

Then I watched the wind pick up and the sky get really dark. The rain started to come down and it thundered a lot. Not too much else happened. The rain kept going for most of the day but I didn't see a tornado. Problem was I was looking out the back door when I should have been looking out the front door. Yep. The tornado was South of me not North. Once I figured the tornado had passed my area I turned the tv back on.

The news was showing pictures of Mobile's tornado damage. A BP station and Food World got a lot of damage and an 18 wheeler was on it's side. Lots of damage done to cars in the parking lot. No injuries or death in that one.

Then the news talked about the tornado that hit Silverhill. That's only three miles from me. I seriously drive through that little town a lot. They showed a pick up truck upside down in front of the post office. They showed a huge Oak tree split in half like a toothpick. I ask you, how can wind do this?

The poor guy was in the pick up when the wind picked it up. Luckily he didn't get hurt too bad. About 8 homes were destroyed. Roofs were blown off. Walls collapsed. It was horrible. I was praying for the safety of everyone and luckily no one was seriously injured.

The tornado system did keep going to Florida and Georgia. I think some homes were destroyed in Pensacola too. So scary.

So tonight I had to do something creative before going to bed to relax a bit.  My mind kept swirling with ideas about a house and some ruby slippers. Oh yes I did. Lookie:

Yes this is very tacky. If you know me you know I like to joke at the wrong time. Better to laugh then cry I say.  Had to use my glitter paper of course and the Play date paper is perfect I think. The house is from the Neighborhood Jumbo Wheel.  Tornado is free hand. How did I do the shoes? Secret. LOL.

With it being Ash Wednesday I decided for the first time in my life to fast. I thought I had to go the whole day without food but apparently I can have one meal. Boy was I happy to have that meal. I think it's amazing that Jesus fasted 40 days and nights and resisted the temptation to turn stones to bread.  I found out I could eat a meal and I was ready to eat everything we had. I know it's good to feel hunger pains once in a while. Of course the fasting part wasn't too hard. It was when my kids were snacking and eating. I resisted eating their leftovers. So hard. I gave them to the dog so I knew they weren't wasted.

Steve and the girls and I went to church for our ashes. I think this was the first time for me going to get ashes too. Not sure why I wouldn't have gone before. I was raised Catholic but I just don't remember going. It's not a holy day of obligation so that's probably why.

The mass was wonderful. Father Mark always has the best sermons that seem to speak right too me. So much lately has been about listening to Jesus and doing things with a changed heart and not because I have to or because people will say I'm great if I do. Jesus wants us to do things in secret so that it's between our Father and us. We like to show what we've done though and tell others how much we do for others and get praise. So I need to work on the heart part. I need to do things because I want to in my heart.

My kids were good for the most part in church. Jessica had to act up at the end. Poor thing said she was hungry. I kept thinking, "She hasn't even fasted today."  Oh well. She'll grow up some day and have the same problems with her kids I'm sure.

Here's a lovely card I made to celebrate the start of Lent.

Usually for Lent I stop doing something or eating something that I love. Usually I give up sweets. Well this time I think I'll take the Stampin' Up! approached. They started a +One campaign at Leadership that encourages Demonstrators to do just one more thing a month to promote their business. So for Lent I'm thinking that maybe I should add one thing to these 40 days. I started to pray at night with my girls but I think I need to do something more. I'll think of something.

Well I hope you enjoyed my twisted Ash Wednesday. I survived at least.


Carla Bazhenow said…
Oh what scary weather... those tornado's sooo close!!! I'd still be in a panic. I love both your cards and I agree sometimes ya just need a sense of humor to get thru. Hugs,
Carrie Sampsel said…
The tornado card is very creative. I love it!! I live in Missouri and we deal with that sort of weather often. It's scray at times. I'm glad everyone was safe. I'm your newest follower from the SC discussion. I'm #344 on the list. Thanks for sharing.

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