My Big Dream!

When I first signed up to be a demonstrator 3 years ago my big dream was to buy as many stamps as possible with my new discount. I wanted it all and I wanted it for less. I had no plans to recruit. I had no plans to build a business. I just wanted to get together with friends and stamp and craft and scrapbook. I did that. I enjoyed being a Hobby Demonstrator for three years.

This past July I had a change to my Big Dream. Going to convention I realized that I was keeping others from enjoying what I was enjoying. Good customers and friends that stamp with me never were asked, "Do you want to be a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator?" I never asked them.

Why? Because I wasn't sure if they would want to do this for a business. (Even though I wasn't doing it as a business.) I was afraid it would change our relationship. (I now realize it makes it even better.) I also was afraid of losing my customer base. Who would help me reach my minimums? (This probably was my biggest worry.)

When I got back from Convention (actually while I was still at Convention, hee hee) I called my best friend and asked her to hold  a workshop for me. She said yes and I then went on to call three more ladies to host workshops.

I also had a huge change in my heart regarding what I do. I love crafting and I love getting together with others. Why am I doing this though? What purpose does it have? Luckily I have been reintroduced to a wonderful church that asks hard questions and pushes it's people to grow in Christ. They even play a little Bob Dylan (Gotta Serve Somebody) to get the point across. {smile} So I started to think about my business and what does it serve. Well I asked God to help me serve others and then BAM! I'm shedding all my fears and all my preconceptions about others and myself.

I now have a team of TURTLES that meet once a month (or more) and who help promote each other and help me to grow my business and help me reach more amazing people who never would have heard of Stampin' Up! They are super ladies who each bring something different to this hobby. I get inspired by them all the time. They also incourage me to reach for my goals. They show me a new excitement about Stampin' Up! I'm always excited about Stampin' Up! but they haven't been doing this for years and so when I see them get excited about a product or stamp set it makes me look at that product with new eyes again.

Here's your chance to become a part of something exciting, something meaningful, something that brings joy to you and your friends.

The super, duper starter kit that has over $300 worth of Stampin' Up! supplies is on sale until the end of the month for only $148.75.  Can you believe that you can recieve all those goodies for that amount? Plus become a part of my team. Plus you can actually make some extra cash to buy even more stamps.

What are you waiting for? Call me today and we'll start picking out all the great products you want in the kit. Oh yeah, it's all the colors and stamp sets that you want. Customize your kit today!


Laura Minton said…
I love being a "TURTLE." We have so much fun sharing what we love with each other and with our customers. Our upline, Jackie, is always there for us when we need her, to lift us up and encourage us (she also lets us borrow stuff!) Thanks, Jackie, for being there and caring!
Francesca said…
WOW! I never thought that I would enjoy this soo much. I have met so many wonderful friends that enjoy what I do! They are all my new family! I love all my turtles!! Jackie is awesome of course! she gives so much guidance and has great ideas!! Sometimes, I feel clueless without her, lol! Love u girls!!
Jackie Barfield said…
It's amazing to watch my team work together. They are more than just friends or neighbors. They care about each other and want to help each other be successful. I love them! They inspire me and show me the reason I'm stampin': To get to know ladies just like them. HUGS!

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