Tornado damage

Here's what Silverhill looked like the day after the tornado. Pretty scary images.

This tree was huge and it was just pulled out of the ground like it was a weed. The historic building is moved off it's foundation 10 feet. Roofing is found a block away in some trees that look like toothpicks broken in half.

Here's a picture of the street from in front of the Elementary school.

Right before the water tower is were the tornado touched down. It's a block and a half from the school. So scary.

Here's another tree that was just snapped in half.

Apparently a lady was struck by lightening that day and went to the hospital and was in a coma. Unfortunately I found out that she did pass away. Storms can really wreak havoc on our world. Mother nature is very powerful.  It's hard to image that wind, something you can't even see, can snap these trees, tear off roofs and move houses. 

My prayers go out to the people of Silverhill and Mobile who are now cleaning up and rebuilding their lives. Also for the people in Japan that are dealing with so many different disasters right now. I pray the Nuclear plants do not meltdown. I hope the earth stops shaking over there. My friend Hiro is in Tokyo. He's doing okay. He had food and water stored up before the quake. I'm amazed at how orderly the people are in the face of such destruction.  No one is looting. They stand in lines for water, bread, etc. and each person can take a certain number of each item. Plus there are miracles happening every day. Babies being found alive, people floating on the houses and other people found alive in cars. God is working in all this. He is with us.


Stacy said…
Prayers go out to everyone down there. I am located just a few hours north of you and we were watching carefully as those storms passed. We were fortunate that it did not get that bad as it came this way. Unfortunately, we have the rest of the spring to watch out for this kind of weather in the South. I will keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers.

S. Royster
Lafayette, AL
Carla Bazhenow said…
oh I am so glad you and your family are safe and okay!!! I didn't hear that a tornado went thru your area. The devastation all over, just breaks my heart. Hugs,

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