So much to be thankful for

My Thanksgiving was AWESOME! I had my sister, Linda, come all the way from California to spend the week with me. It was her first time coming to Alabama and she loved it. I think spending a night in New Orleans helped too. Oh and 80 degrees at the beach in Gulf Shores didn't hurt either. LOL.  We had fried turkey and 5 pies. Yum! Friends and family came from far and near.

This was the best group shot taken that day. Some of us weren't ready but I look great. LOL.

It was Aunt Ginnie's birthday and I wanted to do something special for her. She always hosts Thanksgiving at her house and does so much work to prepare for it. I thought it would be nice to make a special keepsake of the day. So I made a folder with inserts so the guests could sign it. Here's the cover:

The inside had a page for the guests to sign in. Then there was a page to write what you were thankful for.

The next page was for a special note to Ginnie telling her how much we appreciate her. Her hubby was funny and said that because of her he had to have all these people come to his house.

Here's the back of the folder.

I used the butterfly die from Stampin' Up! to cut out the suede paper. Then I added the pearls. I used our antique brads and twine to tie it closed. Oh and I started off with a manilla folder and scored it to make pockets.

I'm also thankful for my girls having a safe trip at the horseback riding camping trip. Here's a few pictures from that.

I was especially grateful for my friend Carla who got to come camping with us. She has been dealing with her mom having cancer and we thought she might have to go up to Canada and miss the trip. She was able to camp out and then went up to be with her mom the following week and was with her when she passed.  We had many friends praying for her and I know they helped a lot.

Cherish each day. God bless you and your family.


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