Fun on the Battleship

Well my two girls and I survived sleeping on the Battleship Friday night. It wasn't nearly as cold as I was expecting it to be. They actually have heaters on the ship. The bunks are three high and my girls didn't roll out of them. Phew! Aparently I talk in my sleep though. Those ear plugs I brought really worked good. LOL. 

Here's my troop standing in front of the Battleship waiting to get on.

The girls were so excited! So was mama! LOL.  Here's a picture of Amanda and Jessica:

The troops participated in necklace making, tatoos, eating pizza and making cards for the Veterans.  Here's what my two girls did:

I have to say they are pretty talented! LOL.  Look how Jessica made the shape of America with the flag in it. AWESOME!

I did a little something for the troops this weekend. I normally just have my Christmas Card Stamp a Stack but Jeannette and Flora are really into sending cards to the troops and they said the next cards they need are Valentine's Day. So I added those to the class. Everyone made 10 Valentine's Cards and donated 5 to the troops. Here's what we made:

I used the Seasonal Sentiments Stamp set and the other one from the Mini Catalog. Can't think of the name. Oh wait! I think it's Paisley something. LOL. I'll look it up and let you know when I'm not so tired. I had a busy weekend.  Sleepover on the Battleship with a ton of little girls, walked in the Veteran's Parade, had two birthdays to go to and then the card class. I missed church and really hated that I did but I needed to sleep in a little and prepare for my ladies to come over. I swear next time I'll be in church. Promise!

Well that's it for now. I will post more in a few days.


Oh my gosh! Is that the U.S.S. Alabama in Mobile? I love that ship; I have visited it twice. How much fun you must have had sleeping on that massive, massive piece of Americana! Thanks for sharing!
Jackie Barfield said…
Yep! It's the USS Alabama. It was really fun. We had only been on the ship once before. I hear it's haunted and at one point I was alone in a corridor and felt a very strange feeling. I got outta there and back to the group quick. LOL.

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