10 in 10! We're almost there!

 Here's a link to the website doing the tally for Stampin' Up!

We're so close to getting 10,000 new recruits in 2010. I'm happy to say that a friend of mine joined last night. I also have several others joining my team. We're called the Totally Turtles. :) I love Turtles so I'm gonna love all my new recruits. I think of you guys as my family. Can't wait to start off the new year with all of you!

Here's some fun things I made for my Girl Scout troop. Okay Francesca made them. LOL.  (Thanks girl!)

Still gotta pack for my camping trip with the girls tonight. Plus I'm meeting a lady today who wants to join Stampin' Up! So awesome!

I will post more later.

Have a great weekend!


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