I'm here!

Sorry about the long absence but I was painting the walls of my livingroom. Totally looks good now! No more hand prints! Yeah!!! At least for a couple hours. LOL.

I've been making some fun things lately. Here's a picture of the card I made one night. I was inspired by a print I saw on the wall of a restaurant.

I need to add a sentiment but not sure if it's a birthday, thank you or sympathy. I hope I don't need that last one but it's always good to have one on hand.

My canvas display board class was good. Here's what the ladies made.

Carla came up with the pockets. I had her make some for Jessica's board.  Now Amanda wants some added to hers too.

I haven't finished Jessica's board yet. I made one for Amanda and I posted it on my facebook page. If you haven't friended me yet please do!

Here's what my friend Birgit gave me when I was over at her house last time.

She is so talented! She also gave my girls these really cute little tins decorated with a Christmas mouse. I love that mirror paper that she uses. I hope Stampin' Up! gets some of that.

When I was painting I had to move my fall banner. Here's where I put it now.

That's it for now.

Happy Stampin'!


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