Who Dat?!!

What a day! Amazing win by the Saints in overtime. A little too stressful for me to watch at times but they pulled it off. Amen!

My day was like 4 quarters. First quarter was sleeping in til 10am with my baby girl. She finally woke up and asked were daddy was. I said he got up. She said, "Lets go see what he's doing." I said, "Are you sure you don't want to sleep a little longer?" She said, "Maybe a little more." Then 10 seconds passed and she said, "Okay let's get up now." Too cute!

2nd quarter was Girl Scout practice for our Investiture ceremony. Driving through the rain to get to the church and then running through the program a few times with the girls was all great fun. The highlight of the moment was when we were about to say the Pledge of Allegiance and my cell phone rings, "Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur, the whole club was looking at her." I felt like the whole room was looking at me. LOL.

After that we went to get donuts and run home for me to start 3rd quarter, Christmas Cards. I had 5 ladies coming over to stamp Christmas cards and Steve, my dear husband, invited a bunch of people over to watch the football games. Not a problem except that it forced me to clean my stamp room table so we could stay in my stamp room away from all the cheering and yelling. My stamping ladies had a great time. We always give each other a hard time and tease each other a lot. Mostly they are teasing me about stuff. We made this wonderful winter scene card using the retired Branch Out stamp set. I will miss that stamp set soooo much.

Here's the card we made today:

While everyone was sponging the hills and stamping the trees I fooled around with Flora's stamp set that she brought to class. After researching that stamp set on Splitcoaststampers.com I found a really nice card but changed the colors and turned it landscape instead of portrait. I like it and so we'll be making this Christmas card next month. What do you think?

I love how simple it is and how easy it is to make. The two step stamping techinque is a classic that I have to remind myself of sometimes. I love the depth that two step stamping gives a card.

So my 4th quarter was watching the football game with family. I was really impressed by Farve and we all thought that the Saints were going to lose in the last few seconds of the game but then the Vikings turned over the ball for a fifth time and that allowed the Saints to get the ball in overtime. Woo Hoo! We struggled a bit to get it down field but we got it close enough for out kicker to make a perfect field goal to win the game and go to the Super Bowl! Go Saints!!! Let's all sing the song, "Oh when the Saints go marching in."

Happiness always to everyone!


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