Sleep Over!

It is 10pm and my daughter and her friend are spending the night together. I don't think 5 year olds can go to sleep early. LOL. They are being quiet so I'll just leave them alone. I do need to catch up on my blog.

I have not been able to clean up my office or get laundry put away but I did manage to go to a Zumba class. If you have not gone to one you MUST try it. I loved it and didn't feel bad at all. I hope tomorrow morning I wake up and feel the same way. :) Mostly it's feeling the music and dancing to it. Abby was fantastic as an instructor. Not much talking but very easy to follow her moves. She seemed to be having a lot of fun with it too and her energy was catching.

I also went to school to help out Jessica's teacher. She is a great teacher and keeps her class running smoothly. I asked her to come to my house and control my kids there. She laughed. But I have started to write my girls names on the board when they are bad and a check mark if they don't listen after that. It seems to work. The punishment is that they don't get dessert. First day we did it they tested me and no one got ice cream. Boy did they cry! But it was for the best. Now they listen. (Pretty much.)

Here's a few things my daughter made for party favors for her birthday party. They are using the Build a Bear stamp set from the Mini Catalog. Did you know if you spend $20 on any Build a Bear products from the Mini Catalog that Stampin' Up! will give you a $5 coupon to use in any Build a Bear store? Awesome!

Here's some pics of the party favor and the party.

I really had fun at this party. I have fun at every party I go to though. LOL. But really, the Build a Bear ladies were so nice and took very good care of the kids and made it a party to remember.

Many fun times to come I can tell. All because of a stamp set. :)


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