Life making cards, cleaning house and raising kids....

Okay so I've been very good lately about cleaning house and raising kids. But what about making cards? I really want to do more of that but the one room that I can't seem to keep clean is my stamp room. Look:

I need to put things away so I can have a spot to stamp. But I rather go put away laundry than deal with this. So I'll continue to push things aside to make a small space to stamp. LOL.

I do have something fun to show you. I needed to make two cards and of course nothing I had made would work. So I came up with this card for my niece's baby.

It's using the new stamp set from the Mini Catalog called Fox and Friends. I really like the turtle image. I have the decor elements of the turtle too. I want to put it somewhere but not sure where. Either on my car or in my stamp room.

I also had to make a birthday card for my Great Aunt who turned 100 on Wednesday. I had the melon mambo out already so I used the same color scheme. I picked the Look Whose Turning stamp set so I could use the numbers for 100. What do you think?

I did send it out late but I hope she likes it. Most of the women on my dad's side lived long lives. My grandma was 96 when she died. Her mom was 103. So maybe I can make that long. Can you imagine having been born in another century??? Crazy!
Do you need ideas for more cards? Check back here daily to see what I have come up with and to see if my stamp room looks any better.

Happy Stampin'!


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