Better Beary Soon

My daughter Amanda was recently sick with Strep. It was horrible to see her cry out in pain because of her throat hurting. I didn't know what else I could do except feed her ice chips and spray that yucky tasting stuff in her mouth. At least I couldn't think of anything but my daughter Jessica said, "Why don't you make her a get well card." Duh! So here's what I came up with.

Originally I had stamped the saying at the top but it didn't look right so I covered it up and then stamped on scrap whisper white paper and cut out each word. I liked it much better that way. Amanda and Jessica did too. Cards do cheer people up when they aren't feeling well.

I'm working on some cute Valentine's Day cards but they aren't ready yet. I need to take pics of them and download them too so come back soon to see those. If you need to order the new heart shaped treat cups email me and I'll set you up. I've had a lot of interest in those and I know it's while supplies last so don't wait.

Happy Stampin'!


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