Mother's Day included some handmade cards

I love that my husband will venture into my craft room to make me cards. He really has some creative talent too. Check out this mother's day card he made me.

He really had a limited amount of supplies to use since I had taken all my adhesives, blocks, paper trimmer and scoring board with me to a class. I think he did great. He also complained about not having a stamp set that says Happy Mother's Day. Obviously he didn't check My Paper Pumpkin box that came last month. Lovely new stamp set in that.
I also got beautiful flowers and handmade cards from my two girls. One even drew a turtle for me.

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Every woman that nurtures someone in my book is a mother. It's the selfless act of giving to others that makes us moms. Lots of us mother nieces and nephews, neighbors, students and all kinds of little ones. So happy mother's day to you all.


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