How to make a lolly

Have you ever used a scoring tool before? Did you have to reposition the paper each time to make a new score? Or maybe you have a fancy one that does score every cm. Well Stampin' Up! finally got it's own scoring board that I love! Why do I love it? Probably because it says "Stampin' Up!" on it. LOL. Really I think it's because when I use it the score tool doesn't skip and because I can use the pegs that come with it to mark the spot I need to score so I won't forget. Whatever the case may be I now can make lollies.

What are lollies you ask? Well I didn't know what to call them at first but googling helped me find the answer. Lollies are paper circles that are made using a scoring board.

One of things that I love about making them is that I can actually make a whole sheet of them while only scoring once and then cutting the sheet into strips. For this tutorial I will use one strip to demonstrate how it's done.

Here's a piece of DSP (designer series paper) on the scoring board. I use DSP because it's thinner than cardstock and works a lot better. (looks better too).

I placed the scoring tool at the half inch mark.

You'll score every 1/2 inch all the way til the end of the dsp strip.

Then you will flip over the dsp and score in between those 1/2 inch score marks starting at the first 1/4 inch mark.

*Important tip: If you flip your paper from right to left you will screw up your score marks. So remember to flip from bottom to top.

Here's what the strip of DSP looks like after you score it.

Remember to fold on the score lines back and forth to make an accordion type fold.

Next you will put a small bit of sticky strip on the end.

This will help your strip stay together better. Attach one end of the strip to the other. You may need to snip off some of the dsp to get the folds to align correctly. Also you can cut down strips or attach two or more strips to make it longer or shorter. (Bigger or smaller lollies).

After you attach the ends you'll need a glue gun, circle punch and cardstock.

Punch a circle out of cardstock. I used a 1" punch. Cover the circle with glue. Then put your strip over the circle.

You will need to press down on the lolly until it is flat.

Wait until the glue hardens a bit before you take away your hand. Now you have a lolly that you can layer with other lollies. Don't forget to add a brad, button or other embellishment to the center.

Click here to get your own scoring tool from Stampin' Up!


Anonymous said…
Never heard them called "lollies"!! Another name is rosettes!! Very nice


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