Dirty Laundry

Actually it's clean laundry but most people wouldn't dare show their messy house. This is the spare bedroom and it acts as a holding area for clean clothes, sheets, towels, etc. Most days you can see naked people running to this room.

Normally there's always clothes on the bed but this pile seemed higher than usual. I guess it's because I've been so busy lately. I've just gotten back from Leadership Convention, I've had two Girl Scout cookie booth sales, I've gone to a Mardi Gras Ball and a Mardi Gras parade, plus I've had a team meeting and my hostess club this weekend.

Believe it or not I did get the laundry put away finally. But of course someone had to get more clothes dirty and I had to wash them and now there are clothes back on the bed. Why can't we live in a nudist colony??? I suppose I would be too cold if I did.

So here's a card for you to see from my hostess club. It's embossing resist.

I used the new saleabration stamp set Best Day Ever. I love it but should have gotten it in Photopolymer. The clear mount is not sticking too good to the block.

Thanks for looking today.



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